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A new record — 13 graduate from Sumter County Citizens Academy

The Citizens Academy saw 13 Sumter County residents — a new record — graduate during Tuesday’s Sumter County Board of Commissioners meeting. 

The newest graduates are Richard Belles, Adrienne Betar, Beverly Bone, David Fountaine, Brian Goodman, Suzy Hackett, Bob Johnson, Mac McGovern, Judy and Greg Mersch, Johna Randa, Gale Satterlee and Julie Whitten.

The Citizens Academy holds five half-day programs that teaches residents about the various departments and agencies connected to the county. In addition to classes, attendees get tours of facilities such as animal services, public works and the library. Other activities include interactive emergency planning scenarios, and attendees even get lessons about surviving mosquitos. 

“I liked going out to all of the various departments, instead of just sitting in the same classroom, listening to speakers from the various areas,” said graduate Satterlee. 

Bone, another recent graduate, said she enjoyed walking to the various locations and talking to people about their work. 

A new Citizens Academy program begins Tuesday, August 8 at 1 p.m. If you’d like to attend this program, please register at