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Christmas tree disposal instructions

Community Development Districts 1 – 11

For residents in districts 1 – 11 in Sumter County, Marion County or the Fruitland Park portions of The Villages, you can get rid of your Christmas trees by simply leaving them at your curb. Trees will be collected when regular trash services come by. To ensure your tree gets picked up, make sure its limbs and branches do not exceed four feet in length, four inches in diameter or exceed 40 pounds. Artificial trees should be broken down and left by the curb. Any questions should be directed at 352-748-0109.

Community Development Districts 12 & 13

Live and artificial trees can be placed by the curbside for regular trash pick-up hours. Contact the utilities department with any additional questions at 352-750-0000.

Lake County section of The Villages

Residents in the Lake County portion of The Villages (not CDD 11), can place live trees at their curb of regular trash pick up. Trees must be four feet in length and not exceed six inches in diameter. If you have an artificial tree you wish to throw out, call Lake County Solid Waste to schedule a pickup at 352-343-3776.

Lady Lake section of The Villages

Live and artificial trees can be left at the curb and will be collected during regular trash pick up. Additional questions can be addressed to Waste Management at 352-787-4416.