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House Check Program

One of the programs that The Villages Community Watch provides is the house check program. The house check program is for any resident who may be leaving the area for more than seven days.

Community Watch will check the outside perimeter of the house three times per week, checking all windows and doors for security. Community Watch also checks for any packages that have been dropped off and notify the homeowner or a designated key holder. They contact homeowners for anything that may be out of order to make sure residents are aware and can sleep well at night. Community Watch will not enter a home, and it is recommended that a local key holder be designated to take care of packages or deliveries that may arrive unexpectedly. At this time, there is a charge of only $5.35 a week for the security and comfort of knowing your house is being checked on.

To sign up for this program, as well as all of our programs, a resident can go to the District Customer Service Office at 984 Old Mill Run in Lake Sumter Landing or the Customer Service Satellite Office at 4856 South Morse Blvd. They can also contact the District Customer Service Center by phone at 352-753-4508 or by email at Applications can be found at