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Wildwood mayor says police force could obtain new vehicles

At a recent Wildwood Commission meeting, Mary Wimberly, a resident, applauded the efforts by police to try to manage some areas of the city linked to a history of crime, including shootings and drug sales. 

“It’s getting peaceful,” she said.

She also suggested deploying police officers on motorcycles to patrol the high-crime areas of the city.

Wildwood Mayor Ed Wolf replies, “The police department is looking at all types of transportation choices, including golf carts, motorcycles, and bicycles.”

Mayor Wolf added that four new police vehicles will soon be assigned to city law enforcement, mainly due to the growth of The Villages south of State Road 44.

The city will need to look at several transportation options, including golf carts, motorcycles, and bicycles.

“Nothing is off the table when it comes to law enforcement,” the mayor said.

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