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Inventory Reduction Sale at Friends of The Villages Library

One more inventory reduction sale is in the books for Friends of The Villages Library, in which they sold a mix of library and public donations at the Pinellas Plaza in early spring. The sale comprised the Covid-19 safety protocols, informing shoppers about the maximum limit of 20 people in a single room, only allowed to enter the room with face masks and making sure of the 6-foot social distance with one-way aisle directions. 

The prices varied, including hardcovers for $1, $0.50 for paperbacks, $2 for audio books and $1 for CDs and DVDs. Yet, by the next day, all the prices were cut down to half. The Friends Of The Villages Library has been contributing $500 to the community since 2003, voluntarily. Their only aim is to promote and aware people of literacy and the recycling of books. 

As Club President Marilyn Ivison mentioned, the first day of the sale went quite well. In fact, it had been busier in the morning as compared to the afternoon. The reason was that people are more likely to get the first crack at what’s available. She also predicted that the next day they would see a decent amount of traffic because of the amazing and greater discounts. Plus they are much more curious to explore all the items that are available for sale if they wait for two more days. 

The best part about being a librarian is interacting and knowing the interests of so many different people, said Dolores Mirolsky, one of the club’s volunteers. Mirolsky also stated that “I like doing it for the people of the Village of Amelia and looking at everybody’s different interests.”

Diane Gentz, another club volunteer agreed that she loved what they did and was overwhelmed to get back to it as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began to clear up. “We couldn’t wait to come back,” she added. 

Ivison stated that the next event will be the displaying of more fiction offerings, as the last sales mostly had the nonfiction books along with the CDs and DVDs. She added, “We’re still moving a lot of books but many people are interested in fiction.”One can check out their official site for future inventory reduction sales and more updates.

Attributed Source, The Villages Daily Sun