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Town Squares Opened Back Up

The Town square of The Villages reopened after such a long time. Now there is no crowd limit anywhere and no barricades to stop. Now a crowd of people is seen everywhere. A large number of people can be seen at the places such as Spanish Springs Town Square, Lake Sumter Landing, and Brownwood Paddock Square. Spanish Springs Town Square has so many fun restaurants, shops and theatres where a crowd of people can often be seen. People started coming everywhere and wandering without worry. It seems as if there is no talk of worry. Now, there is hustle and bustle in every area, street, market, everywhere till night. After all, the phase has gone when people were afraid to come out of the house. It’s been a little over a year since the squares were shut down due to fears about the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The period of that pandemic suddenly changed everything. According to the government’s order, the people were stopped from leaving the houses, the markets were closed, all the schools and colleges and offices were closed. There was a time when the arrival of people completely stopped. Fear of this epidemic does not allow people to move out of the house at all. No matter how important the work is, no one could get out now nor could do some shopping. Everyone was imprisoned in their homes. 

After some time the squares reopened in October with barricades but the government also implemented many methods to keep the crowd under control. Now, people could go out only for their important works in just a certain time. 

The time for people to come out was fixed from 5 to 6 p.m. Happy hour was eliminated. 

Keeping safety in mind Masks are “requested” during nightly entertainment at the squares. The public was instructed to wear masks when they are out. The people were ordered to keep the proper distance and wear masks.

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