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Villagers create online petition to keep the volume up at Sawgrass Grove

An online petition created by community members is calling for the music to be turned back up at the Sawgrass Grove venue.

The petition, which now has over 1,200 signatures, began after complaints about noise levels at the venue reportedly led The Villages Entertainment Department to turn the volume down.

Marycarol Skaggs of the Village of St. Catherine launched the petition. The petition in its entirety can be found below:

Dear Villages Entertainment:

We understand that you are investigating noise levels in response to a few complaints from neighbors around Sawgrass Grove. They represent the minority, and we don’t believe that our enjoyment of this special venue should be impacted by the few who neglected to properly research their home’s location. Most of us understood when we purchased in the surrounding neighborhoods that we would be close to a music venue. We accepted (and some even anticipated) that we would hear the music. Now, in response to a few complaints the sound has been turned down and adjusted in a way that it’s difficult to hear well even sitting in the Grove. We are concerned that ongoing sound issues will drive our favorite bands away. 

We are signing this petition to demonstrate to you that the majority of the neighbors of Sawgrass Grove appreciate the music and the volume. Since it does not violate any noise ordinance, we believe you should let the sound technicians do their job of creating an great blend and a fun atmosphere for the majority to enjoy. 

The petition can also be found here: