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The Water Tower at Sawgrass Grove

Dennis Graves, long time artist for The Villages, has murals throughout the community including at Spanish Springs Square, Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood Paddock Square. His artwork and talent helps to build the character and add to the story at each of The Villages unique locations. Graves recently finished painting the water tower that will be displayed at Sawgrass Grove.

“It goes from a shiny dime to a water tank that was on Henry’s farm out in Michigan somewhere,” Graves stated in a recent video.

While the water tank at Sawgrass Grove may be finished, there is still much to do. To view the video of the water tower or to receive further information about the construction in The Villages, visit

Sawgrass Grove is located along Meggison Rd., adjacent to the Ezell Recreation Complex and Southern Oaks Championship Golf Course. This location brings Ezell Recreation, The Market at Sawgrass, entertainment and McGrady’s Pub into one amazing location to experience. The outdoor entertainment area and bar will host a variety of live music performances.