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Maximizing Cognitive Wellness: Proven Paths to Enhancing Brain Health

Dr. Jason Siegel

How do we measure how bad a disease is? Usually by mortality. Will this heart attack or cancer kill me? Neurological disease is different. While many neurological diseases can certainly shorten someone’s life, what can make these diseases far worse is how they cause tremendous burden and disability. More than any other disease, brain diseases take away a person’s independence and quality of life.  

There are many types of neurological diseases, causing many types of problems. Dementia and Alzheimer’s affect how we think, our memory, and our ability to make decisions for ourselves and others. Strokes impair our mobility and ability to communicate. Parkinson’s takes away our movement. Migraines keep us home, stopping us from things we enjoy. Even though there are many neurological diseases, there are common threads. They are isolating, reducing our quality of life, and stripping away our independence. They are not individual diseases, either. They impact entire families, social networks, communities, and support systems. Neurological diseases burden the most important people in our lives.  

Early identification is crucial, and in many cases, prevention is possible. The American Academy of Neurology highlights the importance of optimizing brain health, stating, “Early identification of neurological risk factors and intervention can prevent or delay the onset of disease.” In fact, studies suggest that up to 40% of Alzheimer’s cases can be prevented or delayed. Identifying and addressing risk factors, and improving overall brain health, even in your 30’s and 40’s can have a tremendous impact down the road. 

It takes a comprehensive approach to find the numerous risk factors and early signs of the various neurological diseases. In response to this urgent need, Dr. Jason Siegel introduced BrainShield in 2024. BrainShield embodies a proactive approach to brain health. The evaluation includes baseline neurological and cognitive testing, MRI and MR angiography of the brain, a heart-brain evaluation, an extensive laboratory workup including tests for metabolic and genetic causes of neurological diseases, and a detailed sleep evaluation with a home sleep test. After the comprehensive workup, each patient is created an individual brain health, prevention, and treatment plan, and each patient periodically follows up with Dr. Siegel to review progress and repeat testing if necessary. 

This innovative program aligns with Dr. Siegel’s vision of a future where neurology care is not only personalized and accessible but also fundamentally preventative. By addressing neurological health proactively, BrainShield is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of neurological care, potentially setting a benchmark for reducing the global burden of these pervasive diseases.

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