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The K9 March Madness Tournament moves on to round 2

Help choose Florida’s favorite police canine today!

The Florida Sheriffs Association has opened polls for round two of this year’s K9 March Madness Tournament. In the tournament, the association rounds up dogs from police departments across the state, and asks for Facebook users to vote on their favorite. Currently, 16 dogs remain in the competition — including Sumter County Sheriff’s Office’s very own dog, Ukon, and Marion County Sheriff’s Office’s dog, Bolo.

The competition can be found on the association’s Facebook page:

Cast your vote for your favorite canine of each round by selecting the “love” or “care” reaction for the photo that is above each dog’s photo. The “love” reaction is the heart and the “care” reaction is the emoji hugging the heart.

Round two of the competition will close this Friday, March 17, at 5 p.m. The winners of each matchup will continue into the next round until a winner is crowned.

Some of the dogs in this year’s competition can be seen below.

Who do you think deserves the crown?