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Sumter County Fire & EMS come to rescue of young steer

A young steer found itself in need of rescuing after taking a tumble down an embankment. 

Luckily, Sumter County Fire & EMS came to its rescue. 

The incident unfolded after a young steer walked up on an embankment covered with downed trees and brush before crashing about 4 to 5 feet into tangled growth. When its owner discovered it, the animal could not gain its footing to escape the snarl. 

After the owner notified officials in Bushnell of the dilemma, the department sent out crews, including members from the Large Animal Rescue unit to the scene. The crews worked for about 30 minutes, clearing downed trees and rock piles, before managing to safely free the animal, according to a press release from Sumter County. 

The young steer sustained no injuries but was exhausted from the ordeal. 

Sumter County Fire & EMS crewmembers on the scene include Battalion Chief Brian Tucker, Lt. Kevin Ducharme, Firefighter Jacob Bogue, Firefighter Glenn Cerrato, Lt. Harold Jacques, Firefighter David Waller and Firefighter Dylan Ackerman.